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Latinx Student Mental Health

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Welcome! Use this page as a guide for wellness support resources you may need as a Latinx and/or Hispanic student at UNC Charlotte.

Here you’ll find common challenges Latinx students may navigate during college, as well as suggestions for self-care and resources that are specifically geared towards supporting our Latinx/Hispanic campus community. 



What do I do if I’m Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you recognize you need additional support we want you to know Charlotte offers a number of different resources. The Health and Wellbeing Unit at UNCC can be a great place to get your physical wellness needs, emotional wellness needs, or any other resources that can help you feel you can amplify your well-being through your college career. Below you can read about some of our different departments: 

The Center for Integrated Care (CIC) is a one-stop shop for referral and linkage to wellbeing resources both on and off campus.

The Center for Counseling at Psychological Services (CAPS) provides comprehensive wellness-related programs and services to UNC Charlotte students.

The Center for Wellness Promotion uses a public health model and effective prevention and health promotion strategies to help students make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing.

University Recreation (UREC) provides fitness support at all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all disability levels, and all fitness levels 

The Multicultural Mental Health & Equity Initiative specifically addresses the mental health and wellbeing needs of students of color, endeavors to destigmatize mental health among folx of color, eliminate barriers to access, and provides culturally congruent support/resources. MMHEI staff includes two Latinx and bilingual Spanish clinical therapists to specifically provide mental health support for Latinx students.

Self Care

One of the most important aspects of personal well-being and mental health maintenance is self-care. Self-care activities are anything that you do to help yourself feel happy, healthy, and balanced, and are unique to each individual person. The benefits of incorporating self-care are strong and can help support you as a student in adjusting to college, managing the stressors of each semester, and thriving during your academic career. We acknowledge that for Latinx/Hispanic cultures, healing and self-care often occur in community, so we also encourage you to scroll below to the community resource list on this website. Here we’ve compiled a set of resources specific to self-care, in both Spanish and English, to practice with!

Campus Resources for Latinx Students 

We want you to know there are also specific offices, organizations, and entities that can help various areas of wellness from financial and legal services to educational services and student advocacies. There is also a growing community of Latinx students, faculty and staff that are committed to make the campus environment one that celebrates the Latinx Experience. Please check out below the effort of all of these campus partners.

Special thanks to the Latinx Faculty Staff Caucus, who developed an initial list of resources for students on campus. 

  1. Latinx/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus serves to facilitate and influence UNC Charlotte policies that affect the educational and professional development of its members, to promote community involvement and awareness, and to provide guidance regarding its activities and goals. The Caucus often meet with students to hear what the needs are on campus that need to be advocated for. You can also join listserv for events and announcements. 
  2. Directory of Latinx Faculty and Staff  is a guide that highlights and celebrates the wide-ranging contributions of Latinx and Hispanic scholars on UNC Charlotte's campus. If you are interest in knowing if there’s a Latinx faculty or staff in your area of academic interest and you wish to know more about their work this is a great place for it! 
  3. Office for Identity Equity and Engagement aims to educate, develop, and engage students regarding their various intersecting identities (gender identity, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, etc). They provide students an affirming and equitable environment committed to fostering a campus community that celebrates and supports expansion of identities through resources and programming. 
  4. The Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion emphasizes the student success and academic support of students from the following populations: African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latinx, Pacific Islander, Native American, Multi-racial, LGBTQ, first-generation, students from rural communities, and students who have a reported disability.
  5. Student Assistant Support Services serves to to assist, support and advocate for students experiencing a broad range of issues, concerns or challenges interfering with a student’s ability to be successful academically or personally.
  6. Student Legal Services provides free legal advice, limited representation, and resources to enrolled students.
  7. Office of Civil Rights and Title IX  takes active measures to create or restore a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for community members that is free from discrimination, discriminatory harassment, and sexual or interpersonal violence. They do so through education, providing resources, responding to reports, and highlighting a culture of respect. 
  8. University Center for Academic Excellence provides academic support services and resources that increase learning effectiveness, enhance student success, and promote academic excellence, through workshops, mentoring, tutoring, and more. 
  9. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion provides information on diversity resources and events on campus. For more information on Latinx student resources on campus check their website here.

Community and Virtual Resources for Latinx Students 

If the campus and self-care resources don't feel like they are meeting your needs we want you to know Charlotte with many local and national organizations dedicated to supporting the lives Latinx communities, and issues relevant to Latinx and hispanic families. Check out some of the resources below:

  • ourBRIDGE for KIDS is a non-profit that supports immigrant and refugee community in Charlotte 
  • Project 658 provides trainings on job, resumes, tutoring, and ESL classes