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Students are required to have health insurance either by remaining on their parents’ insurance or buying an individual insurance plan.

Students without insurance may purchase the Student Blue Student Health Insurance.

Students will be automatically billed (on tuition account) and enrolled in the Student Blue coverage, unless a waiver is completed by the semester due date listed below.

For more Student Blue Health insurance information visit 

BrightSmile for Students

BrightSmile for Students, is a new dental insurance plan offering coverage and convenience designed especially for college students.

The plan, offered by BrightBenefits, provides coverage on the most common dental services and procedures while giving students the freedom to visit any dentist they like, with no network to search.

BrightSmile for Students offers a generous reimbursement on almost 200 of the most common services and procedures like

  • Routine dental exam
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Crowns
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extraction
  • Emergency pain treatment
  • X-Rays

Other plan highlights include:

  • No monthly premium payments. One lump-sum premium payment helps students plan and stay on budget.
  • Simple eligibility requirements – must be under age 65 and have an address in the same state as the school.
  • Coverage for international students – just visit a dentist in the U.S. (eligibility requirements apply).
  • Easy online enrollment, and emailed ID card and policy.

The annual premium for UNC Charlotte students is $311 which provides an annual maximum reimbursement of $2000 for services.

Plans may have limitations on procedures or frequency of services. 

Visit BrightSmile for Students for more information or to enroll during Open Enrollment.